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Proprietor/Chief Engineer


Karl comes from a 15 year background in award winning Asset, Energy and Electro-technical industries. 


He has been involved in nearly every category of industry throughout his career, from maintaining refueling equipment on military air bases, commissioning electrical installations located in explosive atmospheres, automating industrial processes, leading multi-million dollar upgrade/refurbishment projects, project managing iconic solar installations to engineering management of entire hotel, hospital and institutional facilities.


He prides himself on his ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with a wide range of clients and service providers across numerous disciplines. No stranger to risk management and will operate in almost any environment, whether it be at a remote off-grid location, at sea, a construction site, farm or corporate office.

Karl offers refreshing professionalism, commitment, care and attention to detail in every project he is involved with and has a faultless track record of achieving outstanding results.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

Holder of a NZ Electrical license, Electrical Engineering, Energy Specialist and Civil Aviation Authority certifications.

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