Specialising in electronic, electrical and energy consuming assets. New, existing or in the pipeline.

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$2 million+ to date in energy savings as a result of the implementation of our energy optimisation strategies over the years.

We take time to understand the energy use dynamics of your property or organisation. We do not rush into a project recommending ​upgrades, equipment, software or services that will not add value. We provide real-world unbiased advice and recommendations.

NZ trained, registered and current practicing license. 15 years experience.

Strong focus on commissioning and process optimisation, specialist in niche projects.

For at least 10 years now we have been combining electronic and mechanical systems to produce highly reliable solutions such as industrial grade aerial vehicles, "wire-cam" remotely controlled film equipment and automation projects for manufacturing facilities.

From concept, design, component selection, procurement, build and test we have done it all before and are excited for any new challenge brought to us.

Contact us to confidentially discuss your idea or concept and we will provide unbiased feedback on how we could potentially transform it from an idea into reality.

After 3 years of in-house design and development, the first highly adaptable BlackBird Intelligence aerial system is now fully tested and operational. In its current configuration it provides incredible life-like imagery from perspectives traditionally timely, costly or high risk to obtain.

Not only for daylight imaging, this particular platform can be quickly adapted to hundreds of third party devices or payloads, including night vision, thermal, spectral, scientific and agricultural sensors or attachments.

No access equipment, harnesses, heights training or certification required, minimal risk and super quick non-contact inspections or applications.

New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Certified.


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